Home & Night systems

Solutions for every space

From the bedroom to the living room to the service areas, Furlan furnishes and completes every area of the home with solutions for any living need. Wardrobes, bookcases, beds, sets and accessories: each product brings together functionality and style to make your spaces personal and unique.

Made-to-measure designs

Thanks to the modular flexibility of our products, you can furnish spaces “to measure” using standard or customised items. We work with you to research and plan the best design solution for your living and structural requirements.

Wardrobe rooms

Much more than a simple storage unit: sliding, hinged or made-to-measure, the versatility of Furlan’s wardrobes means they can be used in different areas of the home to fulfil the requirement for functionality and practicality with style and character.

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Walk-in wardrobes

Perfect for any room and suitable for a multiplicity of functions, our walk-in wardrobes lend themselves to free designing: from the type to the arrangement of the different components, right through to the finishes, everything can be customised.

Closing mechanisms

To finish off the walk-in wardrobe with a touch of style we offer a range of sliding or hinged doors made to measure, available in different finishes, practical to use and quick to fit.



Dressing rooms


Long experience in designing attractive and functional furnishing solutions in domestic settings extends into the hospitality sector. We are developing projects for welcome centres, hotels and guest houses, offering our customers complete customised modern solutions.


The living area takes shape with dynamic, customisable solutions. Experiment with different shapes and finishes for your living room furniture, to create fresh, contemporary compositions.